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Have you ever considered that grooming is a key part of your pet’s health and happiness?  The coat/skin is a vital “organ” and needs care just like the rest of the body.  Dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) can be due to several reasons including fleas, infection, allergies, hot spots, matting and others.  Basic care of the skin and coat will help prevent many of these conditions and help reduce clinic signs of other diseases. 

We are here to help!  Our caring grooming staff has the knowledge to care for your pet’s coat and the talent to make them feel at ease during the experience.  Below are some of the many options we offer to keep your pet happy and healthy!

(Please read the information section at the end regarding matting)


Does your pet need pampering between haircuts?  The bath and blow out pampers your furry kid with kind words, gentle massage and a refreshing bath.  A pedicure and gland expression are also included. Your pet’s blow out will depend on the hair type and length, and everyone will receive a brush out at the end to freshen their coat.  A bandana or bow will make them feel like a prince or princess when they go home. 

Special note:  If matting does not allow this process you will be called with options.  Matting can become worse and painful if not dealt with correctly.  Please call if you have any questions.

Included:  Bath, blow out, brush out, toenail trim, anal gland expression, bandana or bow


Don’t we all love a day at the salon?  Our grooming gals partner up to give your furry kid a day of pampering and a fresh new haircut.  Tarah works her magic with the bath and blow out that prepares them for their haircut with Beth.  With over 30 years of experience, Beth has the experience to style your pet to make them look and feel great.  She knows how to make them feel comfortable on the table and will work with each individual pet to provide for their specific needs. 

Included:  Haircut, Bath, blow out, brush out, toenail trim, anal gland expression, bandana or bow

ADD ON SERVICES (additional fee)

  •  De-shed treatment

Have you heard the saying; pets do not shed but emit magically fibers of love?  If your furry kid is emitting too much love, we have a special bath and blowout process that will remove much of the shedding undercoat.  This starts with brushing, then a loving bath with a specially designed shampoo, blow dry, and then more brushing.  This process can take several hours depending on the hair type. De-shedding can prevent matting and rids the coat of excess fur and debris.  The end result is a more comfortable and healthier furry kid while reducing hair around your house.

Special note:  Nothing will remove all the loose fur.  This procedure will help dramatically, but you will still see some shedding.

    • Shampoo & conditioner upgrade
    • Nail buffing
    • Tooth Brushing
    • Finish Spray
  • Blueberry Facials
  • Nail filing

This files the sharp edges after the toenail trim.  This also allows us to shorten the length further as there is less concern of damaging the quick (fleshy part of the toenail where blood and nerves reside).

  • Tooth brushing
  • Feathers
  • Nail Polish


Matting occurs when fur knots around itself.  As more fur becomes tangled, the clumps become tighter to the skin.  This tends to occur in high motion areas but can be present anywhere on the body.  Bathing and brushing the top layer of mats will make them worse and if they become severe enough, shaving down to the skin may be necessary.  Our grooming staff will communicate these concerns if present and give the best option to treat as well as a plan for prevention.  Please understand that not all mats can be combed out, and it is a painful process for your pet.  Consistent bath and grooming appointments are the best way to ensure that this is prevented.  Please ask Tarah or Beth if you have any questions.