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With our ability to take and process x-rays digitally, we can quickly diagnose and treat your pet.  Images can also be emailed to owners to share with their family or to a specialist for consultation. 

Now, let’s have some fun.  Look at the x-ray before you move your mouse over it.  See if you can find anything abnormal!  Hover to find a question and answer.

Xray 1

X-ray view of organs.

Xray 2

This is the case of Bullet!!

Xray 3

Normal view of the hips.

Xray 4

How many babies do you count? If you see 3 you are correct!!

Xray 5

Normal heart but do you see that dark area on the left? This is air under the skin and can only get there by some type of trauma.

Xray 6

Doesn't take a vet to see what is wrong here!

Xray 7

Do you see the stones in the right of the x-ray? These are bladder stones!

Xray 8

Do you see that big, grey, backwards and upside down comma? This is a stomach that has twisted - commonly referred to as bloat.

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