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Hotel Accommodations



Trinity Pet Resort is a luxury facility for pets that deserve the very best!  The pet resort is an extension of Trinity Veterinary Hospital and has the same philosophies with a belief that pets are an equal part of the family. We recognize that pets have distinctive wants and needs and it is our job to provide for their overall well-being and happiness.

Our luxury suites provide pets the comforts of home while being away from their families. We offer larger rooms with beds and ample exercise to prevent boredom. Senior pets receive special attention to address needs such as extra movement and special bedding to prevent sore joints and muscles. A veterinarian is also on site to monitor all pets and contact owners if there are any concerns.

Pete’s Palace

Petes Palace

A luxury suite with an orange and black theme to show your Oklahoma State University school spirit. 

Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

Pamper your pet with the comforts of a fine hotel, with its luxurious bed coverings and opulent decor.

Barca Barca

Barca Barca

The lucky pet who stays in this suite will enjoy an exotic paradise with images of pristine beach shores and sparkling waves.

The Lodge

The Lodge

A rustic mountain retreat for your pet to put his paws up and enjoy dreaming of snow-capped mountains and the smell of pine in the air.

Thunder Alley

Thunder Alley

A professional basketball themed suite for the sports enthusiast in your pet. Comes complete with a hoop and backboard.

Included with our luxury boarding prices:

  • Medication administration (oral medications)
  • Capstar on entry; kills adult fleas for 72 hours
  • 3 walks outside per day
  • Longer walks outside (as compared to general boarding)
  • Royal Canin maintenance diet
  • Visual examination by technician with every walk outside
  • Check by veterinarian with any problems noted while boarding.  Clients will be contacted immediately with any concerns
  • Injectable medications – additional cost


Sophisticated retreats for the discerning feline, these condos cater to the Donald or Ivana in all of us.  As Ivana would say, “They are PURRFECT, Dah-ling.”

There are 6 condominiums that can open up to each other. If you wish, your pampered felines can have all 6 (if available) to stretch their legs. There also cubbies, locked from the outside, to put litter boxes in to give them the privacy they long for.