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Day Care

Day care is a fun and exciting way for your dog to enjoy group play in a safe and controlled environment. Benefits of day care for your four-legged family member include:

  • Exercise with friends
  • Activity and socialization for dogs that become anxious at home alone
  • Monitoring for dogs with health concerns while family members are at work or school
  • Ability to reinforce behavioral training 
  • Veterinarian on premises if medical attention is needed
  • Mental stimulation for dogs that get bored easily: Mental stimulation such as “brain games” help reduce some age-related brain changes.  While it isn’t clear yet which specific cognitive exercises work the best, the general consensus is that “use it or lose it” holds as true for humans and canine minds as it does for our bodies.  Our indoor and outdoor day care programs offer many of these exercises to keep your pet’s mind sharp!

OUTDOOR DAY CARE is perfect for those who love to run and play in the fresh air and sunshine! Here dogs are encouraged to make new friends while stretching their legs, splashing around in water, and playing games. Dogs will enjoy our large play area with the comfort of K9 Turf which never becomes muddy and is easily cleaned and disinfected.

INDOOR DAY CARE is perfect for small pets that enjoy the slower things in life. They will enjoy all the benefits of day care in the comfort of an air-conditioned playroom and fresh air during their walks outside (weight restriction applies).